Twitter Tips For Small Business Startups which never Fails

Jan 29

Twitter’s fast-paced world often overwhelms small business owners but the benefits make it a must for anyone who wants their business to succeed in social media marketing.

Think of Twitter when first starting your own business and you need a way to promote your services. Twitter can be utilized as an incredibly easy way to handle your customers’ enquiries and the benefits are enormous.

The following are some of basic Twitter tips to get you started on your way to a great relationship with Twitter and your followers.

1. Set a target

A social media campaign is no different to any form of marketing. You must set an achievable target. It may be to gather 200 followers in your first month or to achieve 150 retweets from followers and other local businesses.

Just because your company is not a multi-national conglomerate doesn’t mean you cannot set and measure your goals on Twitter.

2. Research

Research is equally important whether you are a Twitter newcomer or an experienced tweeter these Twitter Tips will always help you. Social Media is all about being social and the best way to get noticed is by having the social leaders in your area mention you.

It is likely that these local opinion leaders will have many followers and you will almost certainly get a few mentions on their Twitter account. Start to build up a good rapport with socially important people.

Trying to get good mentions from local people with a large following is a great way to build up your own followers, who can potentially be customers.

3. Lists

Lists are a great way of managing the people you follow on Twitter, you can create public or private lists. Instead of scrolling through a mass of tweets in your newsfeed trying to find relevant information, breaking them down into lists means you can pick out great content quickly.

Create lists to accumulate users in the same field, such as authors or fellow virtual assistants. You can easily click on a list and see relevant content depending on what you feel like reading about at the time.

4. Run Twitter offers

Running a Twitter-only offer is a great way to not only measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign but to get mentioned and acquire more followers, potentially leading to more customers.

If this works you will be getting increased footfall on your quiet periods and increased mentions on your Twitter feed; a win-win situation.

5. Interact

Social media is all about interaction. Retweet positive tweets for they are a great advertisement for your business. Unfortunately, not all your mentions are going to be complimentary. How you deal with these is equally as important as retweeting positive tweets.

Certainly, this is not meant to be an end-all list. Twitter is relatively new, meaning that we are still trying to figure out how best to utilize Twitter effectively as a small business tool.

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Among the tools available to small businesses to market and leverage their brands to a larger audience, Twitter is by far the easiest to use. Utilize this tool as a fast and easy way to communicate and market your brand.

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