How can i make google my homepage on chrome

Nov 05

Google is the card list to the current Library of Alexandria. By what another method to get to the 4.5 billion pages that entirety up essentially all of the human learning? In the event that you need to begin each new day with a look at Google (and those doodles), here are the means by which to set as your homepage on the work area and versatile.

When you purchase an Android cell phone, one of the main things you might need to do is to set up a homepage on your included Chrome internet browser. Some, maybe, the vast majority, as to have the primary Google begin page as their homepage for their program. It offers an immediate method to scan for anything you need, in addition to it has some decent additional highlights too, for example, climate gauges and then some.

“Yet, how can I make Google my homepage on Chrome for Android?” Good question and that is actually what we will uncover in this short article. As you may envision, it’s in reality quite easy to have Google as the main site page you see at whatever point you open a crisp tab of Chrome.

Google Chrome

Go to the upper right of the program, select the menu > Settings > Appearance. Check the case beside “Show Home Button,” and after that Change. Sort in the content box, click OK and close and open the program to see the new homepage.

Web Explorer

Go to Tools in the menu bar at the highest point of the program and select Internet Options, at that point the General tab. Under Home Page, type in “” in the content box and snap OK. Close and open the program to see the new homepage.


Open Firefox and explore to Tap on the little globe symbol to one side of the URL and drag it to the house symbol on the upper right of the program window. A spring up window will inquire as to whether you need to make this archive your homepage. Snap Yes and you’re prepared to go.


In the program, select Preferences, at that point General. In the Home page segment, type in in the content field and snap Enter.


Open the program application and select Menu > Settings > General > Set Home Page and sort in


While you can’t set versatile Safari to a landing page, you can make an alternate way. Sort in the content bar of the program and afterward at the base of the screen select the symbol with a bolt leaving a page. Pick Add to Home Screen and you’ll get an alternate way on your Home screen that will open up to Google without fail.

Windows Phone

On a Windows Phone, you can make a tile for Google by downloading the Google seek application from the Store and sticking it to the beginning screen.

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