Does Getty Image Pricing Fit All Levels of Budget?

Jan 17

With Getty Images, you can find and discover stock footage easily. It does not only boasts the highest quality collection in the industry. It also has a comprehensively organized library that allows you to find the right stock footage for your needs. Most of all, it offers Getty Image pricing that is surely worth every penny.

Getty Images offers two buying options: a la carte and Ultrapacks. With a la carte, you can buy stock footage with or without a Getty account. However, having an account does have its perks such as adding charges to your account, getting invoiced later or deducting the costs from your credit card. Without an account, you can only purchase footages with a credit card.

On the other hand, Getty introduced a new, simplified way to purchase stock footage. Ultrapacks are bulk item packs that come at discounted prices. You pay for the pack upfront, then you can download the footage whenever you want. Here are some features of the packs that make it worth your money:

  • Each pack cuts a percentage from the original a la carte
  • The larger the pack, the greater discount is offers.
  • The footage downloads never expire.
  • Clips are already paid for, so can select and buy clips faster and easier.
  • They can be used to download Royalty-Free videos, but not Editorial footage.

If you need more than a couple of videos for your creative projects, Ultrapacks is the best option for you. Because they come different volume sizes, they can fit all budget levels. You can buy packs of 5, 10, 15 or 25 footages that are divided by image resolution. When you purchase a larger pack with High Resolution, you can get as much as 30% discount. That represents thousands of dollars of savings.

Getty Images is a great option to buy high quality stock footage. Although it is more expensive than microstock agencies, the quality and uniqueness of the footage add value to your project.

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Get 10 Free Adobe Stock Images Now

Oct 16

Adobe Stock is a stock media agency that provides creative professionals and businesses with access to millions of high quality curated royalty-free images, graphics and videos. You can purchase Adobe Stock images ­a la carte ­on an as-needed basis or with multi-assets subscriptions. A number of subscription packages are available at the website, providing you with 10, 350 and 750 images per month. You can also purchase Adobe Stock for Enterprise and Teams if you are working with a group of people.

How can you use Adobe Stock images in your creative projects?


  • The stock media agency is fully integrated with Creative Cloud libraries. You can add a watermarked preview of any Adobe Stock images for editing and retouching. If you are satisfied, you can directly license the photos from your CC libraries. Once licensed, all linked assets are automatically updated to the full-resolution version.
  • You can also license images in supported Creative Cloud software applications, such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and other Adobe desktop software. You can license watermarked previews from the Layers and Properties panels, as well as directly within the canvass by simply right-clicking the asset and selecting License Image.
  • If you are not a Creative Cloud user, you can also download the Adobe Stock images to your computer. You can download the watermarked version or the license image so you can edit and retouch them on any app that supports importing images, graphics and videos.

adobe-stockThe Adobe Stock website is accessible in most countries and is available in 20 languages. It has one of the largest stock libraries already available, with over 40 million images, graphics and videos. Simple image pricing starts at $9.99 each, but there are several subscription options available in the stock site. The integration of the stock site to many Creative Cloud software applications allows design comping and easy licensing.

How can you get 10 free Adobe Stock images? It’s simple. All you have to do is sign up with the stock site’s 10 images/month annual plan. The plan comes with 10 images per month with the first month available for free. If you decide that Adobe does not suit your creative needs, you can cancel your subscription risk-free – as long as you do it within the first month and you have not used up all your image downloads. You will be charged at the end of your free trial, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to Adobe Stock and get 10 Adobe Stock images for free. Find the perfect image for your next creative project and create your own masterpiece with the stock site’s inspiring collections. Choose the purchase options that meet your creative needs and budget. Get inspired by AS contributors, too.

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What is the Perfect Dollar Photo Club Alternative?

Mar 17

dollar-photo-club-join-adobeWhen you lose something, it is normal to want the same thing if not better. Finding a Dollar Photo Club alternative is like finding a substitute for your lost phone. If you already have last year’s latest model, you want to get the next flagship if the former is unavailable. The same is true with DPC. The stock site is already one of the top stock photo clubs in the world. Its closing is as devastating as losing a high-end gadget for its members. The only way to make them feel better is if they find a better alternative.

With numerous stock photo agencies scattered all over the World Wide Web, how can you find the perfect alternative? First, you should take note of the things you loved about the Dollar Photo Club. Also, list down the features and benefits of your potential image bank. Compare them to check which covers almost the same things you loved about the DPC. Lastly, find out if there are other features and benefits better than what was offered to you.

What is the perfect Dollar Photo Club alternative?

Perfection is subjective. What may be perfect for one is not nearly enough for another. However when it comes to stock photo agencies, perfection comes with budget and needs. And, the DPC offers that. This means that the perfect alternative should also fit everyone’s creative needs and budget. The stock is closing in less than a month already, current members should starting looking for an alternative now.

  • Shutterstock. Shutterstock is a great stock site. It has over 70 million creative assets. However, it does not offer the same low cost per image that DPC offers.
  • iStock. Like Shutterstock, iStock has offers millions of stock images at ridiculously great prices. You can purchase images through credits and subscription plans. It even offers credits that do not expire. However, it still does not beat the low prices of DPC.
  • Depositphotos. Depositphotos offers high quality royalty-free images at the best prices. However, cost per image is twice more than what DPC offers.
  • 99 Club. 99 Club is new to the market. It has millions of royalty-free stock images with 80,000 more added daily. Moreover, it offers images in a much lesser price.

dollar photo club logoThe DPC and 99 Club is similar in so many ways. They both offer downloads that do not expire and all their images are available in small, medium and XXL. Howevere, 99 Club lets you download 200 images for only $99 a year, which is twice the number of downloads in DPC. You can also get additional images for 99¢, which is one cent cheaper. In a word, no stock site is a more perfect Dollar Photo Club alternative than 99 Club.

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Fotolia: Not Just Another MicroStock Agency

Nov 08

FotoliaFotolia is not just another MicroStock agency. If you take a look at their library, you’ll notice that they have a certain artistic flair. Based out of New York City, they’re known for their affordable prices. Without being a discount site, Fotolia has some of the best prices on high-quality and high-definition stock photos on the net. Furthermore, Fotolia is known for their fair compensation plan to their artists. After all, how else do you get professional photographers to contribute over 40 million photos to a library? You pay them fairly for their work.

Fotolia: Owned by Adobe

When Adobe bought Fotolia, the integrated Fotolia’s library into their Creative Cloud. It took him six months to create Adobe Stock, but they did it. One of the things that Adobe announced when they purchased the MicroStock agency is that Fotolia will continue to exist as its own separate business entity.

The Fotolia Promo Code

The Fotolia Promo code is good until the end of the year 2015. As a new customer, this promotion gives you two things. The first thing it gives you is three free credits. Once you create your account, peruse their library and pick three photos that you want to add to your account.

Credit Pack or Subscription – Take Your Pick


That’s not all. You’ll also notice that whenever you’re ready to make your first purchase of a credit pack or subscription, you’ll get 20 percent bonus credits if you choose the credit pack or a 20 percent discount if you select a subscription.

The first thing you need to do is sign up on our special landing page. Signing up for this requires having your cellphone ready to receive an SMS code. And to your mobile phone number on the page and once you receive the text, enter the code to receive your promotion.

I’m an Existing Customer – Do I Get a Bonus?


Don’t worry – Fotolia didn’t forget about you guys either. You still need to go to the landing page but instead of signing up for a new count, click on the link that says “Already a member? No problem!” Once you click on the link, log in to your account. Now, the next time you buy credits, you will receive a 20 percent discount on the total bill.

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How Cheap Stock Images can help your Business?

Oct 15

Images Can Make or Break Your Marketing Campaign

stock photographerStock imagery, no matter where you get it from, can make or break any marketing campaign of yours. As a marketer, I’m sure your eye is just as keen as mine when we browse the Internet and see poor marketing campaigns.

Many people use images that are distracting and take away from the primary focus of the article, blog post or Web page. Others still, use images for nothing more than decoration. Take just a moment and think about why you’re adding any particular image to your projects. If you use the wrong image, you could very quickly and easily transmit the wrong message. Don’t worry – you wouldn’t be the first one to do so. However, if you do send the wrong message, it will probably be your job to clean up the mess.

Cheap Is Not an Indication of Quality

cheap stock photos in the internet

Cheap images are not an indication of quality. Free images might be an indication of quality, but not cheap ones. You still pay for cheap images. By paying for the image, you’re probably paying for a royalty-free license. Although this may limit how the images used, it does one thing in the background. For every image you purchase, stock photo agencies (check out Stock Photo Secrets as they have listed the top 5 stock photo agencies) turn around and pay a commission to the artist – the professional photographer. This provides an incentive for the photographer to create more professionally curated images.

This business model is not new. This model is actually the reason why stock agencies often have between 40 million and 60 million images in their libraries. Professional photographers continually add new files to those libraries on a daily basis. Cheap images do not have cheap quality. They are still professional photos.

Do You Have a Reason to Use an Image?

Do you have a reason to use a picture for your project? It’s been said before that adding images to text can make it more engaging. Have you added images simply to make the text easier to read?

Images Are Meant to Enhance

Images are adjunct when they are being added to text. They are secondary. If you have a blog post that is full of uninteresting, boring and irrelevant information, it doesn’t matter how many interesting images you add to it. It will not be read. Images are designed to enhance your message. When your image reinforces your message, your message will reach more people.

Images Are Meant to Sell

sell stock photos online

Images are primary selling tools. However, if you don’t actually photograph your product, then don’t pretend that you did with a stock photo. People can see right through that. However, stock photos can still be used to help you sell your products. Depending on your product, you may be able to find a picture of someone who is happily using a product very similar to yours. If you can’t find that, then do what Coke does in their commercials.

When you see a Coke commercial, what feeling are you left with? You see, Coke is well aware that their flagship product has a hard time standing up on its own – it is nothing more than caffeinated sugar water. Don’t get me wrong, I love Coke. In fact, I’m an avid vintage Coke product collector. So what does Coke do that is so effective?

They associate images and activities that invoke positive feelings within the viewer with their product. You can take any Coke commercial and see people running through parks on a sunny day, spending the holidays together as a family, or other images that invoke positive feelings. How do they associate it? When you look at a Coke commercial, they’re very careful with their timing. At the very end of the commercial, after you have all these images fresh in your mind, they show their bright red logo.

If you have a hard time using images to sell your product, then use your stock photos to associate positive feelings with your product. It works – Coke does it all the time.

Images Can Direct People’s Attention

Did you know that images have the ability to direct your visitors attention? It’s true. You see, there are three visual things that people cannot resist:

  • The gaze of other people
  • Finding out where an arrow points
  • Following an object’s line of sight

When you want to direct the attention of someone who’s visiting your Web page, you can use images of people who are looking at your focal point. If you want to use a vector image, use an arrow. If an object appears to be pointing at something, your audience won’t be able to help themselves by looking at the same object.

Use Images of Real People

By using images of real people, you’re adding the human aspect to your business. It’s often called, “humanizing your business.” People love this because it shows that real people are behind the face of a corporation. It enables people to connect in a way that is otherwise impossible.

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